Learning Without Limits

St Joseph's is proud to be part of Catholic Schools Parramatta Diocese’s system of 80 Catholic primary and secondary schools operating across Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains providing more than 43,500 students with a high-quality, low fee Catholic education.

At St Joseph's we work with parents to ensure that every student achieves and learns to the very best of their ability. We focus on modelling kindness, helping others, standing up for what is right and making positive choices. Our school is helping children develop responsibility, sensitivity, and resourcefulness.

Learning Without Limits

Learning space at St Josephs Catholic Primary Kingwood

Our mission is to provide a safe, supportive and engaging environment which will support each child to reach their full potential: educationally, creatively, emotionally, and socially.

Our vision is to empower our students to:
  • be independent, critical thinkers
  • work collaboratively
  • be self-regulated and motivated
  • make connections with their learning across KLAs
  • see themselves belonging to a community that they share responsibility for
  • work with the digital tools of their world.
To support this we will:
  • work together with our parent community to ensure that they are supportive of their child’s learning
  • ensure that the school environment is safe and supportive through the full implementation of the PBS4L framework
  • promote an environment of respect for self, others, and the environment continually strive to improve teacher practice and student outcomes through focused professional learning
  • provide a variety of learning experiences which develops the whole child.

Our History

St Joseph’s Primary was founded in 1963 by the Sisters of St Joseph to serve as a second parish school for the Penrith area. The first Principal was Sister Fidelmia, and the school opened with 225 students from Kindergarten to Year 5.

The Kingswood community built a 'church/school' used for educating students during the week, and as a church on Sundays. The school was built through the support of the local community who worked hard to raise funds. Fetes, car rallies, working bees, fashion parades, cake stalls, walkathons, dances, ‘Chicken and Champagne’ nights, and progressive dinners were just some of the events held to support the growing school.

In 1970, St Joseph’s Kingswood became a parish in its own right. Enrolments for the school were 269 students in Years K-4. Years 5 and 6 students went to either St Nicholas of Myra at Penrith or St Dominics.

Father Rosen, the newly appointed Parish Priest, recognised a need to upgrade the original classrooms, so began to work with the Catholic building and Finance Commission to make improvements for the benefit of the students.

In 1972, four new classrooms were built to enable the school to accommodate Years 5 and 6. At this stage St Joseph’s had an enrolment of 314.

The beginning of 1973 saw the opening of 10 new demountable classrooms, a staffroom and a school office. Total enrolments increased to 385.

In 1976, St Joseph’s was provided an additional grant for further additions to the school, to accommodate an enrolment of 400 students. In 1978, a three-roomed brick Kindergarten with toilets was constructed. By 1980, the student population was 652 students, and a new 5th and 6th grade building became the newest addition.

The Sisters of St Joseph continued to administer and teach in the school until 1981. In 1982 the first lay Principal was appointed. Over the years, demountable buildings housed the classes, allowing the original school space to serve as a church throughout the week as well as Sundays. Permanent buildings increasingly replaced demountables, and today the only remaining demountable building houses the Out of School Hours Care (OOSHC) facility.

St Joseph's Primary continues to upgrade its facilities to ensure students are provided with the optimal environment for learning, having recently undertaken major refurbishments of all learning spaces.

Today our school has a reputation for delivering innovative, modern learning with a firm foundation in our Catholic faith. We are a school where there is learning without limits.
Our Story at St Josephs Primary Kingwood
Our Story at St Josephs Primary Kingwood
Our Story at St Josephs Primary Kingwood
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