Students at St Joseph's learn from a team of professional and supportive teachers.

Our teachers are highly skilled and passionate about providing the best learning opportunities for every student. Our commitment to best teaching and learning practice is supported by an extensive professional development program for all staff.

Teachers at St Joseph's are lifelong learners themselves so they know what it takes to develop a love of learning. They meet each student where they are on their learning journey, and challenge and support them to become the best learner they can be.

As part of the school’s commitment to educating the whole person, students have access to specialist dance, sport and music teachers. St Joseph's provides students with a high quality education that prepares them for their future.

It is the quality of our teachers that makes all the difference.

Dedicated Teachers at St Josephs Primary Kingwood

Meet Our School Leaders

The day-to-day running of our school is the responsibility of the Leadership Team, who work to ensure positive school experiences for all our students.

Jennifer Crowley St Joseph's Primary Kingswood


Masters of Educational Leadership/Bachelor of Education

Jennifer is an experienced leader and educator with a teaching background spanning over three decades and three different Catholic Dioceses. She is passionate about creating an inclusive learning community where students and staff can flourish and reach their full potential.

Principal's Welcome

Alan Eisenhuth St Joseph's Primary Kingswood

Assistant Principal
Assistant Principal

Bachelor of Education

Alan is an experienced and dedicated educator who is committed to working with both staff and students to ignite a passion for learning and growth within and beyond our learning spaces.

Deborah Kemp  St Joseph's Primary Kingswood

Religious Education Coordinator
Religious Education Coordinator

Master of Education/Bachelor of Education/Post Graduate Degree- Religious Education/Accredited in (Godly Play) Exploring Scripture

Deb is an experienced educator with experience in teaching children ages 0 - 12 years. She believes in educating the whole child both spiritually and academically within a Jesus centred environment.

Instructional Leaders

Instructional Leaders play an important role at St Joseph's in improving teaching and learning opportunities for our students. Our two Instructional Leaders, one for K-2 and another for Years 3-6, work with teachers and students, to ensure the best possible outcomes for students.

They are focused on supporting teacher learning, monitoring student progress, and creating and supporting student learning goals.

Instructional Leaders

Instructional Leaders at St Joseph's Primary School Kingswood

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If you wish to make an appointment with a member of the leadership team or a teacher please contact St Joseph's weekdays during school hours on 4726 4200 or use our contact form.

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