Educating For the Future

At St Joseph’s we believe in providing quality education, allowing our students to discover and grow their individual gifts and talents, in order to live out our Catholic values and make a positive contribution to their world.

At St Joseph’s we provide quality educational opportunities, empowering our students to make positive choices and enabling them to become life-long learners, allowing them to flourish now and in the future.

The student is at the centre of our learning agenda at St Joseph’s. Learning is personalised to meet each student’s diverse needs. Our teaching and learning programs are underpinned by a range of data, research and evidence-based pedagogical practice and teacher expertise. Students are challenged to build upon what they already know and what they are capable of.

St Joseph’s students learn in an environment which is safe, supportive and respectful and where they are encouraged to take charge of their learning. With teacher guidance and support, students are encouraged to reflect on their learning, take risks, learn from mistakes and achievements and constantly ask where to next in my learning journey.

Technology is an essential tool to assist our students in their learning across all areas. Each student in Years 2 to 6 has access to their own Chromebook, which ensures that they have many opportunities throughout the day to engage in the digital learning of today's world. Kindergarten and Year 1 students use iPads to support their learning and build critical technology skills.

To help with emotional and social growth our teachers encourage a sense of responsibility and justice in our students through building positive relationships based on mutual respect, trust and cooperation.

We aim for our graduates to be respectful, responsible, collaborative, critical thinkers, effective communicators and resourceful so that they have the best chance of success now and in the future.

Our Catholic faith lights the way as we guide your child’s learning journey. We are led by love, compassion and respect for all.
We walk with Jesus and with those in need, both at school and in the community. Together in Christ, we will change the world.
We see the good in each child. Every child deserves to be safe, known and cared for. Every child can learn lots, grow as a person and be happy.

Here’s what we think about learning

Let’s work together

Every child’s learning journey begins at home. We’ll work with you to make sure that your child is on track at school too. This means getting to know your child well, especially what gets them excited about learning.

Like you, we understand that great teachers make a real difference in a child’s life. That’s why we’ll make sure that your child’s teachers are skilled up and supported by an effective Principal with a passion for learning and caring.

Our teaching is up-to-date

Our children’s adult lives will be very different from our own. Technology is changing everything including the way they will work. To prepare them for whatever that future holds, our school has had to change and will need to keep changing.

Learning today is so much more than facts and figures. Information will be coming at them from everywhere so they need to learn to make sense of it all and the world around them. We’re focused on developing strengths that students need now and in the future - communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and so much more.

  • We’ll work with your child to find out what interests them and show them ways to learn more.
  • We’ll use real world problems to show how the skills we learn at school are relevant for life.
  • We’ll work closely with your child as they learn to take responsibility for learning too.

It’s a great start to a lifelong learning journey. And our teachers are lifelong learners too!

This is how we do it

So much more is being asked of teachers today. Not only will teachers get to know your child’s needs, they’ll change their teaching approaches to meet them where they’re at. This means teachers need to be ready to share skills with students, help students plan their learning, track how each student is progressing, and respond with extra support as needed. After all, learning how to learn is even more important than what we learn.

We’re supporting your child’s learning

Our school is a place where curiosity, imagination and love of learning are treasured. We know schools should be places of wonder, exploration and endless possibilities. Our school is full of great teachers working together to meet your child’s needs in spaces that are designed for up-to-date learning. There are places for students to work together and for working independently. They are places where the latest technology supports your child’s learning.

We’ll make this work for you and your child

Every child is different and so is their learning journey. Teamwork between our school and families, expert staff, state-of-the-art technology, well-designed facilities, and a can-do attitude help us to meet your child’s needs better. Our school is a community of learners, thinkers and achievers. It is a safe place for each child to belong, make friends and be cared for.

Let’s keep talking!

We’ll take every opportunity to talk with you about your child’s learning. The best learning happens when there’s a strong partnership between home and school. We know you want to know how the learning works, and we’ll keep you updated when it’s working well for your child and when it’s not. After all, we’re all in this together.


St Joseph’s prepares students for whatever tomorrow holds

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