At St Joseph’s we support each student as they move through the curriculum and personalise the learning to ensure every student experiences growth, improvement and success.

We offer a broad and balanced curriculum based on the NSW Syllabuses for the Australian Curriculum. The full syllabus for each Key Learning Area (KLA) can be found on the NESA website.

Curriculum at St Joseph's Catholic Primary Kingswood

KLAs taught are:

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary Kingswood - Religious Education

Through the reflection of life experience and the examination of scripture and the traditions of the Catholic Church, children are guided to a greater knowledge and understanding of their faith.

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St Joseph’s Catholic Primary Kingswood - English

The English KLA involves the strands of Speaking & Listening, Reading & Writing.

This includes:

Purposeful Talk

This involves students talking their way towards new concepts and understandings. They actively listen to one another, share ideas, consider and evaluate alternative viewpoints in all tasks across their day.

Daily Read Aloud to Students

This involves students listening as teachers model proficient reading skills and share their love of quality literature.

Daily Shared Reading

This involves students engaging in explicitly-planned and focused shared reading, re-reading or viewing sessions that have a specific learning intention

Small Group Reading Instructional Practices

This involves students working with the teacher in small groups on texts that meet their particular learning needs.

Daily Independent Reading

This involves students reading and re-reading a wide range of texts.

Daily Modelled Writing

This involves students actively engaging with teachers to jointly construct texts with a clear purpose and audience.

Guided Writing

This involves students in needs-based groups that provide opportunities for guided practice of targeted skills and strategies.

Independent Writing

This involves students constructing texts for a wide range of purposes, audiences and contexts.

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary Kingswood - Maths

Concepts taught in Mathematics include number, space & geometry, data, measurement, patterns & algebra.

St Joseph’s follows the CEDP Focus 160 Success Criteria of 60 minutes of Numeracy per day. Students engage in:

  • a number warm up
  • rich, open tasks and investigations
  • working in flexible groups and structures
  • articulating and reflecting on their thinking and strategies

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary Kingswood - HSIE

This is arranged in four strands - Change and Continuity, Environments, Cultures, Social Systems and Structures.

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary Kingswood - Science

This includes the learning processes of investigating, designing, and making and using technology.

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary Kingswood - Creative

This comprises the areas of Visual Arts, Music, Dance and Drama.

Students have the opportunity to be involved in the school ensemble, choir and other musical performances.

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary Kingswood - PDHPE

We have a specialist Physical Education teacher who teaches each class for one hour per week.

Students have the opportunity to participate in a vast number of sporting experiences, including our Annual Sports Carnival, Swimming Carnival, Cross Country, local and regional sporting gala days and gymnastics.

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As a Catholic school we also have a strong religious dimension that runs through all the KLAs and is also formally recognised as the additional KLA of Religious Education.

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Literacy and Numeracy

Literacy and Numeracy are pivotal to all learning. They are the key to enhancing lifelong opportunities for each and every individual. At St Joseph’s we have a strong whole-school focus on literacy and numeracy.


St Joseph’s Catholic Primary Kingswood - Literacy

St Joseph's students participate in 120 minutes of literacy instruction per day including activities.

There is extra support from staff for students to become independent readers in the early years of school with the Reading Recovery program, a daily, individualised intervention delivered by a specialist teacher that engages children in reading books and writing their own stories. It enhances the classroom reading and writing program and helps children to quickly "catch up" to the average level of their class. Older students benefit from R3, a daily, 45 minutes intervention program.


St Joseph’s Catholic Primary Kingswood - Numeracy

Our students receive 60 minutes of Numeracy instruction per day. Students engage in:

  • a number warm up
  • rich, open tasks and investigations
  • working in flexible groups and structures
  • articulating and reflecting on their thinking and strategies.

Students are supported with their numeracy through the Extending Mathematical Understanding (EMU) intervention program, which has small groups of children working with a trained EMU teacher each day to accelerate their mathematical knowledge and skills. These children are then tracked and monitored throughout the primary school years to ensure continued progress.


We support our students so they get the most out of the curriculum

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