At St Joseph’s, a professional and dedicated staff supports students to learn without limits.

Learning spaces are flexible and contemporary and technology is used to engage students with their learning and provide access to the world beyond the local community.

Our teachers work cooperatively to provide a range of learning experiences for groups and individuals, meeting the needs of each learner. Both learning support and enrichment is provided within our school’s curriculum. We are proud of our students and keep their needs firmly at the heart of all we do at St Joseph’s.

To learn more about learning at St Joseph’s, spend some time exploring these ‘Learning’ pages and contact us if you have any further questions.



Educating For the Future

St Joseph's provides a relevant, faith-based education that allows students to develop the knowledge and personal and technical skills to thrive in today’s world.


Facilities and Features

Our learning spaces and digital tools enhance student experiences and support learning of the highest quality. Take a virtual tour of our school.



At St Joseph's Kingswood we prepare our students for participating in the 21st Century, living out Catholic values and making a positive contribution to their world.


Religious Education

Through the reflection of life experience and the examination of scripture and the traditions of the Catholic Church, children at St Joseph's Kingswood are guided to a greater knowledge and understanding of their faith.


Beyond the Classroom

We encourage our students to learn more than just the basics, engaging them in a wide array of co-curricular activities including coding club, string instrument program, dance and a variety of sports.


Beyond the Classroom

Sport at our school aims to teach students about healthy lifestyles, provide opportunities to develop teamwork skills, and allow students to have some fun.



CEDP school libraries are physical and digital places of inquiry and reading. Access our eLibrary.