Our Skilled Educators

We are proud of the highly professional, creative and dedicated teachers we have at St Joseph's. Our teachers are driven by a desire to help every child succeed and they genuinely care about every student in their class.

Our educators keep students at the centre of our learning agenda and their needs are what direct our planning. Professional learning is a priority at St Joseph’s, with our teachers encouraged to continue their own learning to ensure that we offer relevant and engaging learning experiences of the highest quality.

To support this approach, St Joseph’s employs Instructional Leaders to work with teachers and students, to ensure the best possible outcomes for students. Instructional Leaders play an important role at St Joseph’s in improving teaching and learning opportunities for our students. They do this by:

  • modelling expert practice
  • team teaching
  • observing or working with a targeted group of students within the classroom
  • analysing data
  • evaluating teaching practice
  • examining student work
  • running Case Management meetings
  • participating in regular Learning Walks to observe and improve teaching practice
  • collaborating with teachers to improve student academic success
  • deliver focused professional learning to staff
  • collaborate with system leadership.

As part of the school’s commitment to educating the whole person, students have access to specialist dance, sport and music teachers - students in Stage 2 have the opportunity to learn a string instrument with weekly lessons.

If you would like to contact a member of staff please feel free to contact the school by phone on (02) 4726 4200 weekdays between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm or use our contact form.



Parish Priest Fr Andrew Fornal OP
Principal Ms Jennifer Crowley
Assistant Principal Mrs Rochelle Borg
Religious Education Coordinator Mrs Deborah Kemp
Instructional Leader Mrs Alison Busuttil
Leaders of Learning Mrs Kellyanne Kemble, Mr Alan Eisenhuth
Counsellors Mrs Erin Helleur, Mr Josh Onikul

Teaching Staff

Kindergarten Team Miss Zoe Astbury, Miss Hannah Bailey
Year 1 Team Mrs Terrie Berg, Mrs Angela Furfaro, Miss Skye Meadows
Year 2 Team Ms Victoria Dennett, Mrs Bernadette Purtell
Year 3 Mr Ian Martin, Ms Rosemary Smith
Year 4 Mrs Kellyanne Kemble, Mrs Cheryl McGannon
Year 5 Mr Alan Eisenhuth, Mrs Deborah Kemp, Mr Moreno Faccin
Year 6 Mrs Sharna Lee
RFF Mr Moreno Faccin, Mrs Amy Hoppitt, Mrs Catriona Pennay
Reading Recovery/R3 Ms Celeste Collimore (Reading Recovery), Mrs Rochelle Borg (R3)
 Intervention Mrs Louise Sultana, Mrs Jeanette Serrao, Mrs Deborah Kemp, Ms Kate Bentham
 EMU Mrs Rochelle Borg

Support Staff

Office Manager/ Finance Ms Jenny Pendleton
Administration/ SSO Mrs Karen Sprycha
Classroom Aides Mrs Marie Brogan, Mrs Marianne Wilson, Mrs Julie Fehon, Mrs Pauline Gatt, Mrs Thiona Vale, Mrs Cheryl Cook
ICT Support Mr Marko Siric
Library Technician Miss Jennifer Peto
Maintenance Mr Stephen Crye, Mr Daniel Atkins


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