Yellow Brick Road to Learning!

St Joseph’s Primary School Kingswood teachers have put their best red shoe forward to a great year of learning for all students in 2020

Students at St Joseph’s Primary School Kingswood were welcomed back to school this year by Dorothy and Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz! As they followed the yellow brick road to class, their teachers were also invited to put their best red shoe forward in a bid to make it a great year of learning for all students.

St Joseph’s Primary School Principal Trish Reilly said her inspiration to theme the year’s learning around The Wizard of Oz was the Good Witch’s quote "You have always had the power".

"Our goal is to empower our students to be assessment - capable learners who are in control of their learning. They need to know that they have special gifts and talents within themselves that will give them the power to learn and to problem solve. They need to know that it's OK to make mistakes as this helps them to develop these special powers. Importantly, they need to see learning as fun," Mrs Reilly said.

There was a long line of happy students waiting at the school gate with their parents eager to enter school and get their photo taken with Dorothy and Scarecrow.

Parents loved the idea of their children being greeted at school for their first day by Scarecrow and Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz on the special Yellow Brick Road to Learning

Parents loved the idea and said: "What a fantastic way to get the kids excited about school”, "What a fabulous and exciting way to introduce Kindergarten children to the adventure of school!" and "Well done St Joseph’s Kingswood. So creative and welcoming combined with the staff team effort. Have a wonderful year of learning!"

The magical yellow brick road remained at the school all day which also allowed some students and their parents to go home via this special pathway!

Thank you to Tim Martin (AKA Scarecrow), a great friend of St Joseph’s and a member of the Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta Performing and Creative Arts program CAPTIVATE team!

St Joseph’s Primary School Kingswood staff and (centre) Principal Patricia Reilly really enjoyed getting into the spirit of making their students feel excited and happy to come to school on their first day